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Raven Black

Aboleth, Dipped In Whiskey, Let's Get Famous

Sat · May 19, 2018

6:00 pm

$12 ADV / $15 DOS

This event is all ages

Raven Black
Raven Black . alternative metal/hard rock

Meet Raven Black.

A Voodoo Priest "The Doctor" in his travels came across a little girl who looked lost and scared. He cursed her with a magic spell and turned her into a doll. The curse was disrupted and morphed from her terrifying and taunting screams, she remained half human, half doll. As Raven lived in the dark world of the Doctor, she secretly learned his magic and conjured up a demon, Muppet, who she made her eternal protector and trapped him inside her heart. The Doctor and Muppet created Stitches to search for souls who are looking to join our dark world.

Raven Black released their first Single, "Died Inside" on September 7, 2013 at the Roxy, selling out the venue that night. They continued to work in the studio and released their first EP, "Midnight Dreary" in June 2014, successfully packed the house at the famous Viper Room.

The band was previously managed by Aaron Rossi (Grammy Nominated Drummer of Ministry/Prong), AJR Enterprises and worked with Grammy-Winning Producer Logan Mader (SoulFly/Machinehead/Five Finger Death Punch).

In October 2014, they revamped their line up and began working with Grammy Nominated Producer Ulrich Wild (Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Pantera, Seether,Dethklok, Otep, and more) on their new album.

Raven Black played the Corona Hell and Heaven Festival 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico on July 23rd.

Released their Single " Seven Sins" from the upcmong Album "13" and official music video was launched in April 2016.

They played Dirt Fest 2016 and now playing the Halloween Tour 2016 with Mushroomhead this October 2016.

Special release of their EP - "Seven Sins" this September 29, 2016 to launch their tour with Mushroomhead. This album is very exciting, as Raven Black worked with Producer, Ulrich Wild of WurmGroup, their new label.


RAVEN BLACK : A Dark Metal Carnival

Los Angeles based Raven Black have released the video "Seven Sins" from their yet to be released album tentatively named "13". Formed in 2012 but with an ever changing line up they continue to push forward with the release of "Seven Sins" they are just teasing at what they will be introducing you to, a dark metal carnival.
With such a theatric look and sound they are one of the best sounding and artistic bands to break the mold of a true total stage show. Raven (Lead Vocals) shows her vocal chops from a spine tingling soft melodic voice to a powerful growl that you would not think would come from a girl who portrays innocence, yet has the tattoos and make up to open up a world of theatric mayhem.
Other members include The Doctor on lead guitar, a voodoo doctor putting you into his trance that pulls you right into the bands web. Stitches (Bass) Seems to connect as the dark force laying the ground work and thump that leads the band into the carnival tent of darkness. Muppet (Drums) Well anyone named muppet and playing the drums leads you to believe they are the untamed animal caged behind the kit banging on the skins like they are bars of tormented imprisonment.
So what does the future hold for Raven Black? Only the devilish ringmaster knows, but we so want to be sitting first row under the dark big top to find out.


The Raven Black Project Converts Plain and Simple to Raven Black
12:00 PM NataliePerez NataliezWorld 0 Interviews, Raven Black, The Raven Black Project

Having formed in 2012 under the namesake The Raven Black Project, things changed like any other band would face, thus Raven Black was built from the remains, to develop into the band's changes ever so further. Line-up changed, musical style and approach, to writing and recording for their debut full-length album "13" due out soon. Drummer/vocalist Muppet discusses the band's past, present, and future.

1. Can we get things started by introducing Raven Black to our readers. Who are you and which role do you have in the band?

Muppet: Hello again Natalie!! I am Muppet and I play drums for Raven Black.

2. Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Muppet: We originally formed back in 2012, when Raven received a phone call from our good friend Michael Black. He was telling us about a show he had coming up in a few weeks for a metal competition he was hosting in Fullerton with Logan Mader judging the competition. The line up we have now is not the same line up as when we first started. We have been blessed to work with a lot of creative minds throughout this whole process.

3. Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

Muppet: Raven and I had been dating for just about a year at the time and had been very dedicated to other projects we were involved with. We had talked about forming a band time and time again, but it wasn't until Raven received the call from Michael that we actually made it happen. We both wanted to play metal and this competition was our perfect calling to starting something we've wanted to do.

4. How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

Muppet: Literally 2 weeks. We had written 5 songs, recorded an EP, and rehearsed our performance for the competition.

5. What are your memories of the performance?

Muppet: It was a lot of fun, I remember us all out back of the bar getting each other hyped up to go onstage and we had a lot of energy when we played. I also remember the majority of the room came up close to the stage and they were all cheering us on and pumping us up even more. Haha! Oh yeah, and during one of the songs, my elbow caught our banner and it fell on me and I still kept playing while I was pulling this damn banner off my back.

6. How about the band's name The Raven Black Project, on your social media the name is chopped to Raven Black, did the band get a name change or is it still the same as it always was from the start?

Muppet: We decided to change our name at the same time we started doing our costuming last year. We wanted to show how we are completely new from before, new music, new image and yet still keeping true to our metal roots. Thus, Raven Black.

7. Let's go back 3 years ago, during our first discussion, you were working upon your EP demo release, did that release ever see the light of day?

Muppet: That release did not. Raven had recorded the vocals to 3 songs, we had gone through a couple lineup changes, discovered a new sound and eventually decided to keep on the direction of what we were writing and really explore what we can write together.

8. Since then you went on to release, other material 2013's "Died Inside" single, 2014's follow-up EP debut "Midnight Dreary", which has lead to this, of an upcoming yet to be titled debut full-length album. Can you elaborate on these releases?

Muppet: Absolutely, we have just released our new music video for "Seven Sins" (https://youtu.be/GPz9LpX4Udo). Thank you again for sharing our video on your website!! (http://www.nataliezworld.com/2016/04/theraven-black-project-releases-seven.html) Whether that song is part of the album yet is undecided. As you know, we plan on naming the album "13" and have recently re-worked the list of songs for the record. We are continuing to write and are expecting to release the record this fall. Fingers crossed.
Venue Information:
The Loading Dock
445 S 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101